The Spice & Tea Exchange ®

The Spice & Tea Exchange ® was founded in 2008, by a group of talented individuals with a passion for life and food. What started as a small shop St. Augustine, Florida, has quickly grown into a nation-wide franchise powered by flavor, passionate franchise owners, and a desire to bring flavorful ingredients to your kitchen.

"Creating & sharing the experience of a more flavorful life," is the mission and cornerstone of our business, in which we strive to provide guests with quality products and flavorful memories. The Spice & Tea Exchange ® is committed to sourcing ingredients that add wellness and balance to a healthy lifestyle. We offer a diverse assortment of products in a sensory shopping experience. One step into our shops will kick your senses into high-gear as you open the jars and smell, explore recipes, sip at the tea bar, and speak with our knowledgeable staff about your culinary interests. Explore over:

  • 140 fine spices and herbs

  • 85+ handcrafted seasoning blends

  • 40+ loose-leaf teas

  • 30+ naturally-flavored sugars

  • 30+ exotic and infused sea salts

  • gourmet gifts and accessories

  • fresh brewed teas at our tea bar

Our partnership with Petali Teas allows us to carry Elephant Approved® teas, supporting the conservation of elephants across the globe.

Enjoy 10% off the purchase of Elephant Approved blends at with the code ELEPHANT10