Meet Our Staff

The Elephant Approved staff is a dynamic team of dedicated and passionate individuals looking to make a positive change in the tea industry. Read more about them below.


Joy Wujek

Owner, Founder

As the chief visionary of Elephant Approved® and the owner of Petali Teas, Joy's expertise drives Elephant Approved®s success. By coordinating all of Elephant Approved®s operations, Joy utilizes her superior management skills and creativity in order to propel and fuel conservation efforts. 


Amit kackrot

Field Manager

Based out of India, Amit runs on-the-ground operations in the tea-producing regions of India. He meets with industry leaders in sustainability and tea production in order to facilitate dialogue surrounding the conflict between tea production and elephant conservation. Amit also aids tea gardens in developing conservation plans and monitors the activity of already certified gardens, enabling Elephant Approved® to operate successfully. 


Azella markgraf

Media Coordinator

Azella, an employee of five years at Petali Teas, focuses her efforts on website design and upkeep to bring the Elephant Approved® audience accurate information and news about our efforts. Azella is also a tea lover and a student at Davidson College, where she studies Environmental Social Science and Cultural Anthropology.