Human Elephant Conflict jeopardizes lives - both human and non-human.

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At Elephant Approved®, we recognize that a healthy coexistence between humans and elephants is paramount for the continued success of both the tea industry and the Asian Elephant species. 

By educating consumers about the perils of shopping tea from gardens that do not participate in conservation efforts, we hope to build awareness how consumer choices directly affect the environment. Making better tea choices means being an environmental steward, and consumers, along with Elephant Approved® can aim to reduce Human Elephant Conflict (HEC) in meaningful and measurable ways. 

Who Are We?

Elephant Approved® is a conservation-based subsection of Petali Teas, a handcrafted tea company based out of Blowing Rock, North Carolina. Our owner, Joy Wujek, created Elephant Approved® out of her profound love for the Earth and the relationship to the natural world she cultivated throughout her journey learning about plants and tea customs. In collaboration with a lifelong friend located in India, Amit Kackrot, the Elephant Approved® vision officially materialized in 2015. The Elephant Approved® family and goal is dynamic - constantly evolving as we continue to strive for the most effective and meaningful ways to reduce Human Elephant Conflict. 

Since our founding, we have adopted a variety of projects to contribute to the improvement of human-elephant relations in tea producing regions. 

our projects

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  • Share. Spread the word about Human Elephant Conflict and the plight of the elephants.

  • Purchase teas from gardens and estates with a commitment to creating wildlife havens and reducing conflict. Know the supply chain and make sure it is linked with conservation efforts,

  • Show your support for elephant conservation through your purchase of Elephant Approved® goods.

  • Ask your local coffee and tea shops to carry Elephant Approved® teas and goods.

  • Donate to support our efforts. It is costly to fly to the regions and conduct audits. Petali Teas funds this project, but always welcomes donations to help offset its costs.

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