Human Elephant Conflict jeopardizes lives - both human and non-human.

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At Elephant Approved®, we recognize that a healthy coexistence between humans and elephants is paramount for the continued success of both the tea industry and the Asian Elephant species. 

By educating consumers about how to make elephant-friendly choices about what they buy and empowering growers to peacefully manage elephant activity in their own gardens, Elephant Approved® aims to reduce HEC in meaningful and measurable ways. 

Who Are We?

Elephant Approved® is a conservation-based subsection of Petali Teas, a handcrafted tea company based out of Blowing Rock, North Carolina. Our owner, Joy Wujek, created Elephant Approved® out of her profound love for the Earth and the relationship to the natural world she cultivated throughout her journey learning about plants and tea customs. In collaboration with a lifelong friend located in India, Amit Kackrot, the Elephant Approved® vision officially materialized in 2015. The Elephant Approved® family and goal is dynamic - constantly evolving as we continue to strive for the most effective and meaningful ways to reduce Human Elephant Conflict. 

Since our founding, we have adopted a variety of projects to contribute to the improvement of human-elephant relations in tea producing regions. 

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  • Share. Spread the word about Human Elephant Conflict and the plight of the elephants.

  • Purchase teas from gardens and estates with a commitment to creating wildlife havens and reducing conflict.

  • Show your support for elephant conservation through your purchase of Elephant Approved® goods.

  • Ask your local coffee and tea shops to carry Elephant Approved® teas and goods.

  • Donate to support our efforts.