Kanan Devan Hills Plantation Company

Kanan Devan Hills Plantation is our largest Elephant Approved™ certified garden as well as the largest tea plantation in South India. KDHP was founded in April of 2005 with a unique business model that allows for their 11,500 employees to share 55% of the ownership of the company. This allows for those who work the land to benefit directly from the success of the company.

KDHP maintains a firm commitment to social and environmental sustainability. The 25,000 hectares of land on which they are farming has been in tea production for over a century and has always practiced sustainability in their operations.

The land owned by KDHP is surrounded by three National Parks and conservation areas. Making the area a haven for wildlife. Within KDHP land, there are wildlife corridors which facilitate the passing through of various animals, including elephants. They have also employed a sophisticated elephant warning system in conjunction with the Wildlife department of the area. The warning system includes a beacon light which can be seen from all areas of the plantation, as well as an SMS alert system when elephants are approaching. This is crucial in efforts to protect both workers and wildlife, as it allows humans to safely exit the area when elephants approach, which minimizes Human-Elephant Conflict. The movement of wildlife in the KDHP owned lands are continuously monitored and recorded, so as to provide the company with information about where wildlife frequently passes through and lives.

Lastly, employee education is a core tenant of KDHP sustainability and wildlife conservation efforts. The employees are actively involved in sustainability efforts and sensitized about the need for wildlife conservation. They are aware of the need for cooperation in conservation initiatives both for their own safety and the safety of local wildlife.

We are proud to be working with Kanan Devan Hills Plantation and are looking forward to using their teas in our blends.

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