Assam Heritage Tea

Assam Heritage Tea Company was started with a vision to promote, feature, and manufacture the best Assam teas. This conviction came from years of experience after having worked in tea plantations all over Assam. While seeking further ways to improve quality, the Assam Heritage Tea Company sought to add meaning and substance to the work they do. Over time, they bonded with small tea farmers who rely on traditional methods of sustainable farming. They partnered with small plantation holders who are facing challenges due to the slow pace of development in the eastern Himalayan region.

Assam Heritage Tea Company partnered with Elephant Approved because they were “touched by the vision and positivity” of the program. They realized that they could easily work to minimize the conflict between humanity and wild animals within the tea farms they work with. They have experienced the vitality of the Himalayan jungles - elephants, wild boars, leopards, tigers, bears, and many species of monkeys were only a fraction of the wildlife they found in their tea gardens. They hope to promote sustainable development in the region through their own conservation efforts and protect the beauty of the region from increasing human encroachment. At their tea gardens, human-wildlife conflict is minimized by hands on methods such as growing plantain trees along the boundaries of the farms to provide a source of food for elephants, growing bamboo groves to provide natural shelter for wildlife herds, and established elephant corridors allowing for natural migration. They have partnered with local forest departments to put up signage to inform visitors to the region about animal crossing. Villagers use drums or torch lights to indicate the presence of elephants in the vicinity so that everyone knows to avoid those areas.

Assam Heritage Tea seeks to uphold the centuries-old tradition of the villagers to give the “right of way” to these endangered species, including elephants. Their extensive education program helps to inform the area’s youth about how to manage Human-Elephant Conflict through theater and presentations. This has been extremely effective in minimizing violent conflict and, ultimately, saving lives.

Assam Heritage Tea and the people of Arunachal, India practice a philosophy of “live and let live” to promote peace, despite the many challenges they face balancing their own welfare with the welfare of the surrounding natural community.


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